Commercial Work

Joslyn has had the pleasure to design a variety of projects for both desktop and mobile applications. From logo design to user experience flow, she uses her thinking and design skills to support her team from conception to final delivery.


Hearing aid mobile app “Thrive” iOS refresh Before and After. Redesigned the home screen, simplified score widget, and increased button size for smoother experience for hearing aid users.

Helped develop “Thrive Care” feature within Thrive. Thrive Care is a sister app that allows a Caregiver to check in on the Thrive user’s healthy goal progress. This flow was created to make it simple and easy for a Thrive User to see and add a new Connection.

Helped create “Hearing Care Anywhere” feature flow screens in Thrive mobile app. This feature allows hearing aid users to connect with an audiologist LIVE in the app. The bottom bar shows the current battery status of the hearing aids.

“Hearing Care Anywhere” feature mockup from the desktop side via the Inspire software. As a UI Designer, Joslyn had to take into consideration the look and feel of previously developed software and add on the “LIVE” video chat feature.


Various E-Learning course screens Joslyn worked on. Clients ranged from medical to industrial to educational. Depending on the clients needs, Joslyn would design using either a photo realistic style or a hybrid of photo real and illustration to add a unique look as users would learn safety and training compliance.


COX trailer created and voiced by Joslyn for Sales Team to pitch to client. Won COX as new client.


Studio B Logo mockups. Internal studio had a contest to design the new logo. Joslyn took inspiration from the “bee” motif and mocked up various ways the logo could be used.