The Adventures of Lil Sengi

The Adventures of Lil Sengi is an illustrated story about a small elephant shrew named Lil Sengi who leaves his home in the desert and travels to a far away forest in the west. Curious and always hungry, Lil Sengi yearns to learn more about the world around him and make many friends along the way. This personal project is very close to Joslyn’s heart and she hopes that you will join Sengi’s adventures.

The Adventures of Lil Sengi Traditional Graphite + Ink Illustrations

Miss Oriole 2D Animation Test (Drawn in Clip Studio Paint)

Lil Sengi Turnaround Model (Rough Sketch in Photoshop)

Lil Sengi Inktober Drawing Process Video (Edited in After Effects)

Lil Sengi Handmade Glossy Vinyl Sticker

Lil Sengi Pastel Halloween Themed Handmade Vinyl Sticker

Lil Sengi Character Cards for early Jolly Club members

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